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I am always looking to try new lips because I face the issue of dry and chapped lips and I like to keep my lips moisturized all the time. The moment I feel my lips are dry, I quickly apply some lip balm all over the lips. I was very excited to try the herbal range of lip balms from Vaadi because of their extremely affordable price and claim of lip moisturization at such an affordable price. Vaadi’s range of herbal lip balm comes in five different variants namely Strawberry, Orange, Mint, Blueberry and Lychee. I will be reviewing the Strawberry variant. Read further to know my thoughts on it.

Product description

  • Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm Strawberry & Honey contains strawberry extracts, Vitamin-E, Honey and Almond Oil.
  • This specially formulated lip balm grants a long-lasting moisturization to your lips, while satisfying your senses with its tempting strawberry flavour.
  • It even nourishes your lips, to heal and prevent cracking, keeping your lips soft and supple.

Product Features

  • Strawberry Extracts prove to be effective soothing agents for dry, chapped and blistered lips providing the necessary moisture and makes lips petal soft and kissable.
  • Strawberry Extracts are rich in alpha-hydroxy acid which helps in clearing dead skin accumulated on the lips, revealing soft, rosy pink and beautiful lips.
  • Also, strawberries are excellent lightening agents. They help in removing the tan and darkness from the lips yielding renewed and shiny lips. With all this and the yummy taste of strawberries and fruity smell, this lip balm is a tempting treat for the lips.

Why do lips need special care?

  • Biologically, lips do not have oil glands. Therefore, lips must be protected from external damage which could be caused due to external factors like harsh sun, cold weather or extreme climatic conditions.
  • Lip care is as essential as proper skincare because chapped or dry lips aren’t a pleasing sight and show a low level of personal care and hygiene.
  • Therefore, keeping a lip balm handy is a good way to keep feeding lips with all essential and required moisturizing elements.

Strawberry: The cure to blistered, chapped lips

Ingredients: Strawberry Extract, Vitamin-E, Honey, Almond Oil

How to Use: Clean your lip gently and use your fingers to apply the lip balm to your lips.

Quantity and Price: 6gm for Rs 48

                                  10gm for Rs 58

Shelf Life: 24 months from manufacturing

Availability: Easily available on Nykaa and Purplle

Packaging and Appearance

The lip balm comes in a small transparent plastic tub with a screw black cap that has images of strawberries on it. Every time you use the product you need to put your finger inside to take the product out of the lip balm which might be unhygienic for some people and it is also very important that your hands are clean every time you use the lip balm. The packaging is very light-weight and you can definitely carry it while travelling.

My Experience with the Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm – Strawberry

The lip balm has a very mild smell of strawberry, almost smells like a scented strawberry candle. It looks red in the tub but when applied it is colourless. The lip balm feels slightly waxy and thicker in texture so make sure you don’t apply a very thick layer otherwise your lips might feel heavy. It moisturizes the lips for good 2 hours, after which reapplication is required. It has the goodness of strawberry extracts, vitamin E, honey and Almond oil which help in healing extremely dry and chapped lips. It does not contain SPF which is a drawback but at this price, I think this is an amazing lip balm. It does what it claims. Overall, I really like this lip balm as it is super affordable and does the job well.


  • Moisturizes the lips
  • Travel-friendly
  • Extremely Affordable
  • The full Ingredients list is not mentioned


  • Does not contain Contains SPF
  • Feels heavy if applied more because of its slightly waxy texture
  • Needs reapplication after 2 hours

MBT Rating: 4.3/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm – Strawberry

I would highly recommend purchasing this and would love to try other variants from this range.

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